1. 18K White Gold Diamond Alphabet Charm
    2. Aqua Brass Fixtures Hodge Bracelet
    3. 18K White Gold Alphabet Charm
    4. Brass Vesna Arm Cuff
    5. 18K Rose Gold Diamond Alphabet Charm
    6. Silver Serpent Large Ring With Crystals
    7. 18K Rose Gold Alphabet Charm
    8. Silver Horn Toggle Bracelet
    9. 18K Gold Plated Sphere and Chain Ring
    10. 18K Gold Plated Pearl Earrings
    11. 18K Plated Diamond Alphabet Charm
    12. 18K Gold Plated Alphabet Charm
    13. Base Metal 16th Century Saxon Knife Earrings
    14. Gold 14k Star Charm
    15. Gold 14k Black Piave Diamond Star Burst Charm
    16. Grey Cotton Charolette Patch Front Tote
    17. Black Nylon Tallow One Piece Swimsuit
    18. LUXE United States Travel Guide Set
    19. Multi Wool Ikat Robe
    20. Blue Cotton Shangri La Dress