1. Recycled Aluminum Udela Ring
    2. Cream Wool Heritage Roll Neck Sweater
    3. Gold Base Metal Kiss And Tell Red Blue Detail Necklace
    4. Rainbow Moonstone Aksh Mala
    5. Beige and Navy Floral Mid Length Sophia Dress
    6. Black Sumba Cotton Crochet Dress
    7. LUXE Paris Travel Guide
    8. Natural Sumba Cotton Crochet Dress
    9. Natural Shade Hat
    10. Green Indian Stripe Regular Robe
    11. Brass And Crystals Evil Eye Finger Bracelet
    12. Meknes Purple Tea Glass Set
    13. Pink And Orange Leather Clutch
    14. I Heart NY Earrings
    15. Mala Bead Yellow Tassel Tourmaline Aksh Necklace
    16. White Champagne Shade Straw Hat
    17. Pink Floral Crystal Kimono Long Dress
    18. Blue Multi Pashmina Cashmere Shahnaz Scarf
    19. Red White and Blue Strap Burlap Messenger Bag
    20. Criss Cross Cotton Striped Hoodie