City Secrets | Jules Speakeasy | Mexico City

The Franco-Mexican Architect, Emmanuel Picault (Chic by Accident) together with the French Architect, Ludwig Godefroy just completed a Speakeasy cocktail bar in Mexico City, called Jules.

The Art of the Constraint |  Working on a non visible project but not an invisible one, hidden, down in an underground passage, a cellar, an antechamber, or even in a cave. We simply don't know.

This ambiguity was the starting point of the project, how could we realize a cocktail bar, sort of a modern speakeasy, with no longer the need of being clandestine. The intrinsic configuration of this place, located down in the basement of a mexican cantina, led us to think about the way we could convert this a-priori slave condition of the space into something sovereign.


All photos ? Ramiro Chaves