• Gifts That Give Back

    Gifts That Give Back

    Give Hope. Part of the proceeds from your purchase help those who need it most.
  • Global Give

    I'm proud to introduce to you a new section called “Global Give”. It pays homage to the artisans and traditional craftspeople I’ve met while curating L-atitude’s global collection. Over the past year, I've discovered a group of socially-minded designers who are using their creative eye to help artisans from developing countries improve their traditional products. Since their work helps sustain local communities and their cultural heritage, we wanted to welcome and present to you these designers collectively under our “Global Give” umbrella.
  • Global Give: Sustainable Fashion

    SURevolution is a direct line to artisans native to the planet's most exotic and intriguing locales. The brand works toward conservation, sustainability and increasing social awareness. The result is not merely the success of these missions, but the availability of hand-made goods that would otherwise elude your grasp.
  • New York: Valentine’s Day Venues

    Whether it’s your first Valentine’s Day together as a couple or your 40th, romance is a must and creativity should be at an all time high. Lovebirds could go along with the masses and reserve a table at Serendipity, followed by a moment on the Empire State building, but in a city that boasts endless opportunities to show off your imagination, why settle for mediocrity?
  • Mumbai: Foreign Food, Laddoo

    A rich saffron ball comprised mostly of greatness, some sugar, milk and semolina, rolled in chopped almonds and pistachios then garnished with rose water and edible silver foil. We’re salivating already.
  • Heavy Metal

    Heavy Metal

    Make the everyday opulent. Glam it up with Fallon.
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