Journalist, author, designer, and avid adventurer, Julia Chaplin coined the term “Gypset” to describe the high- flying, low- key lifestyle shared by her friends. After documenting this freewheeling bohemian lifestyle in a book series (Gypset Style, Gypset Travel, Gypset Living), she created the Gypset collection. Check out the story behind this ultra-cool label and shop Julia’s latest Gypset collection.

How would you describe Gypset?

Its the wanderlust of a gypsy mixed with the sophistication of jet-set.

What inspired you to venture into the realm of design and start your own collection?When I travelled to a gypset enclave, I was always looking for something to wear. Casual pieces that work for all occasions (for small suitcases) and that weren't too designer-looking, yet embody a mash of references. When you travel, first impressions are important as everyone is a stranger-- so it’s fun to wear clothes that tell a little a bit of a story about who you are (cool!) and where you came from (everywhere!).

What is on the Gypset moodboard? 

Dashikis, A Star is Born, "10",1970’s, Mexico, the desert.

What are five things you cannot leave home without when you are off exploring the world?

  1. A sarong
  2. A Tooschi bikini
  3. A beat up pair of Havianas I bought in Rio seven years ago
  4. A Burton snowboard bag with big wheels for pulling over sand and gravel
  5. A pashmina that I use as a sweater, blanket, and robe


All images courtesy of Julia Chaplin.


Shop Julia’s latest Gypset collection.