• Treasure from the Himalayas

    The Himalayas is the greatest mountain range of all; spanning 2,400 kilometers from Bhutan to Afghanistan. This is a region of astonishing natural and cultural diversity, where the Tibetan Buddhism of the arid north meets the lush valleys and plains of the Hindu and Muslim lowlands. Kaligarh is a company that pays tribute to the ancient and contemporary art and artisans of the Himalayan region. Their jewelry collection, plays with motifs and designs inherited from past generations, re-crafting them into new forms of must- have accessories.

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    brass raiya cuff, $75
    silver thoka cuff, $315
    nagbeshar lapis earrings, $95
    medium silver mawari earrings, $120
  • The Route to Everest

    “Mr. Lama, I think we might need the helicopter.” Not a typical request for a Thursday afternoon, but I wasn’t having a typical workday. I was 12,000 feet high in the Nepalese Himalayas, and I couldn’t see more than 20 feet in front of me. The hard part was over. We’d completed six days of trekking on the Everest Base Camp Trail and were returning to manageable altitudes, but the weather—notoriously fickle in a region where mountains have their own jet stream—was starting to cause issues.
  • Quito, Ecuador

    Sunday is market day in villages near Cuenca. Buses leave regularly from Cuenca's Terminal Terrestre, and getting there is half the fun.
  • Naftalin Vintage, Istanbul

    When travel blogger Hazal Yilmaz talks, we listen. When she told us about Naftalin Vintage in the historic neighborhood of Fener, we were thrilled. Naftalin is the eclectic kind of secondhand shop that retro enthusiasts of every stripe will appreciate.
  • Tali Handmade

    We flipped when we saw the chic and sophisticated bags being made in Manila by Tali Handmade. We were even more excited when we heard the story behind the label from brand founders Liza Morales Crespo and Marielle De Leon.
  • Our Favorite Private Clubs in London

    Looking to live like a “fabulously connected” London local, even if it’s only for a night? Now you can at two of our favorite private clubs in the city.
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