• Travelogue: Lido

    Designer and world traveler Heidi Kelso is the creative force behind the boho-chic label LIDO. This globetrotting fashion producer spends a good part of each year traveling the globe in search of cool textiles, undiscovered souks and new artisans. With the exotic but wearable always in the forefront of her mind, Heidi’s mission is to fill her pop-up boutique on Long Island’s north shore and her Shop Latitude collection with the essentials for a perfect summer wardrobe. We recently caught up with Heidi and asked her to share tips and images from her latest sourcing trip through North Africa, Turkey and South East Asia.
  • Chic Vibes & Picture-Perfect Views in Capri

    CAPRI, Italy – With its effortless chic vibe and endless blue vistas, Capri is about as close to Nirvana as you're likely to get. Best enjoyed in the shoulder seasons (late spring and early fall), it's a magical place full of natural and archaeological wonders, not to mention delicious food and first-rate hotels. If you're in the market for complete relaxation (and unparalleled people watching), you'll find it on this island.
  • Ibiza Travel Guide

    I had never been to Ibiza before and was admittedly not prepared for what I had envisioned was going to be a vacation marked (or marred!) by all-night hedonism and foam parties. What I immediately discovered is you can easily escape all of the madness on the Spanish island. Unlike the busy, touristy cities of San Antonio and Old City, the northwestern part of Ibiza is stunning, lush with rolling hills and olive groves.
  • London Loosens Up

    Reinvention is the theme in London this spring, with previously ignored neighborhoods attracting new interest and hotels and restaurants taking over onetime office spaces. Lighthearted food trends encourage self-indulgence, whether that means tucking into a rack of ribs, lingering over a mimosa-fueled brunch or spending an afternoon at one of the city’s new food halls. Recover from such splurges with a pit stop at London’s latest concept store, which, when not operating as a fashion emporium, hosts such innovative pop-ups as yoga classes and book groups. To take advantage of all this innovation, visitors are camping out at the city’s two whimsical new hotels, one of which is imbued with a sexy glamour, while the other is a definitive hipster haunt. Here are this season’s best newcomers.
  • Caribbean Islands: Which Is Right For Me?

    How to choose among four Caribbean island destinations, each unique in character, vibe and sensibility.
  • How to Tie a 200 Pound Turban- sikh style

    Baba Avtar Singh, a Sikh who lives in Northern India, is known for wearing one of the largest turbans in the Punjab. If the (often misunderstood) turban is a symbol of Sikh pride, his is an all-out celebration. Using 2,460 feet of fabric and weighing in at over 200 pounds, the brilliantly colored turban always draws a crowd—call it Sikh street style. Director: Mark Hartman Editor: Gaia Squarci
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